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Welcome to The Happy Tots!

Founded with the vision of creating happy memories for children everywhere, The Happy Tots is a play-based learning toy store that provides a collection of toys and books specially curated for your little ones to fill up their play worlds.

Committed to her love for children and role as an early childhood educator, our founder - Xue Wei started this humble start-up to continue her passion towards nurturing bright, inquisitive young minds and creating happy memories outside of the classroom in a child’s early years.

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The meaningful interactions with her little toddlers at school has brought her so much joy and made her realise the importance of play in their learning. She also observed the toys that they played with the most and would inculcate them to her lessons to make learning much more fun - giving her the inspiration to curate a unique collection of toys and play worlds at The Happy Tots. 

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Hence, she started The Happy Tots to give the little ones the fondest of memories with toys that are fun and simple to interact with, yet being able to be played in many ways across varying age groups. At The Happy Tots, we believe that children are full of imagination and with the right toys, they can stimulate their creativity and development. 

We believe that play is essential for a child’s growing up years and we hope that our curated collection of toys, books and more will bring happy thoughts (memories) as they grow into amazing individuals.

“Every child is unique and special - let them play, have fun and create their own play worlds, and you’ll be amazed at how creative they are. And when you do, you will see them sparkle in every way.” 

Why wooden toys?

In comparison with plastic toys, wooden toys are presented as eco-friendly options. At The Happy Tots, we provide non-toxic, biodegradable toys with minimal plastic parts, making us a more environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.

So hop on and discover our beautiful play worlds featuring curated collections across our categories of PLAY, READ & LEARN. Also, visit The Happy Tots Classroom to meet some of our happy little tots~!

With lots of love,