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Care & Clean

Here at the Happy Tots, we love all wooden toys! Each one is beautifully handcrafted, durable and made of safe, non-toxic natural materials. Unlike other toys, wooden toys are made of natural materials and connects your little one to nature. 

We love how seamless it blends into your child's playroom, as a decor piece while also being the perfect play partner for your child's play worlds. Thankfully, keeping these wooden toys clean and safe is just as easy to play with - plus you can get your children involved in the process as there's no harsh chemicals or external cleaners required! Check out some tips from us to care and clean your wooden toys:

1. Simply wipe!

  • For daily maintenance and cleaning of your wooden toys, simply wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth. You may also use a sponge to remove dirt or dust. Always remember to wipe extra moisture off before putting back into storage.

*Note: If you see any colour transfer or fading on the cloth, don’t be alarmed! This is a natural by-product of the wood and toys that are coated with non-toxic water-based sealants/paints, and should lessen with time.

  • If you are using any anti-bacterial action, remember to use a gentle cleanser such as a vinegar and water solution. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents as it can dry-out or bleach the wood.

2. Do not soak or immerse wooden toys in water

  • Wood has a natural antibacterial quality so they will not be as affected by germs as plastic toys. Remember to never soak or immerse wooden toys in water as wood is porous, which will cause your wooden toy to swell and change shape - weakening the hardiness of natural wood.

3. Giving your wooden toys a little bit of sunshine!

  • Some fun in the sun is always great, the same goes for your wooden toys. Air drying in the sun speeds up the drying process and is a natural way to kill more germs. However, do remember not to leave it out for too long as prolonged exposure or extreme sunlight rays can lead to colour fading or cracking.

4. Occasional Moisturising

  • Just like anything else, it is important to give your toys some tender loving care. Hence, we recommend occasional moisturising to ensure your wooden toys can last for future generations to come. We recommend choosing non-toxic options such as beeswax polish or olive oil, and to apply it once every 6 months or more frequently when it starts to look dry or dull.

All done, and now you have clean and safe wooden toys once again! Let the fun begin!