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The Happy Tots Classroom

So, why an Avocado as our logo?

Well, like an avocado, we believe that every child is unique and capable to grow and excel given the right tools and environment. We reflected on the growth of an avocado as our source of inspiration - how a small and tender fruit can take up to 5 to 13 years before it is mature enough to set fruit. With patience, guidance and a happy environment, each one is able to blossom into an amazing fruit!

Here at The Happy Tots, we have a few happy toddlers under our care. Just like the little ones our founder teaches at her school every day, these toddlers are just as curious, imaginative and unique in their own special ways..

Come say hi and meet some of our Happy Tots! They have tons of stories to share and are excited to meet you!

Avo the Avocado

Avo is a sociable and friendly toddler, and the first to join our class! He has a green-skinned, fleshy body with a unique spherical-shape. Avo is brave and is always up for an adventure. You will often find him in the garden, exploring the world of dinosaurs!

Birthday: 1 January
Favourite toy: Dinosaur Push & Pull Toy and Dino Book
Likes: Creating dinosaur landscapes in the garden

Bob the Banana

Bob is an imaginative young toddler who enjoys pretend play and dreaming up different characters during play time. You’d definitely spot him in his bright yellow suit at our library corner, excitedly flipping through the colourful pop-up and peek-inside books, as well as the music books which will make him gleefully smile and eyes twinkle up. His favourite book is the Noisy Orchestra which lets him listen to the orchestra getting ready for a show... from gentle woodwind to crashing drums - he loves the sound of the classical music playing from the book. Before going to bed, he will also always request for a goodnight story!

Birthday: 1 February 
Favourite book: The Noisy Orchestra
Likes: Eating ice cream and reading at the library corner

Oli the Orange

Oli the Orange, is a sweet and caring toddler who never fails to brighten your day. Full of cheers and smiles, she enjoys helping her teachers and friends whenever they are in need. Though she’s a toddler with a few words, she demonstrates her thoughtfulness in her actions and is always determined to try new things. She is always excited to learn something new and will approach her teachers to ask questions when in doubt. One of Oli's favourite activities are playing with the alphabet cards, which she was drawn to because of the alphabet cereal she eats for breakfast every morning!

Birthday: 1 March 
Favourite toy: Alphabets cards
Likes: Watching cartoons and helping her teachers and friends

Wally the Watermelon

Wally the Watermelon is a caring and optimistic toddler who enjoys sharing about the things that he’s learnt each day! Besides expressing his thoughts well, Wally also loves trying new things - especially all kinds of food! He brings so much joy to The Happy Tots classroom, and you’d often find him at the lunch table sharing his snacks from his ‘Happy Steggy Dinosaur Plate’! The happier he smiles, the tastier his food gets!

Birthday: 1 April
Favourite toy: Farmers’ Market - Vegetables Set
Likes: Eating biscuits and sharing food with his friends